Analyzing 15948968 John C. Beale Superclasses: 5 - human Subclasses: Instances: Properties: label Plabel John C. Beale description Pdescription former climate policy expert of the United States Environmental Protection Agency alias Palias John Charles Beale page Ppage John_C._Beale 21 sex or gender q 6581097 male 569 date of birth v -694310400 27 country of citizenship q 30 United States of America 19 place of birth q 111549 St. Louis County 69 educated at q 21578 Princeton University 69 educated at q 846173 New York University School of Law 69 educated at q 1075148 University of California, Riverside 69 educated at q 2349578 Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs 735 given name q 4925477 John 18 image v John C. Beale.jpg 106 occupation q 599151 official 734 family name q 812916 Q812916