Analyzing 1949797 Impeachment in the United States Superclasses: Subclasses: Instances: [4200400]Impeachment of Bill Clinton [68497894]Impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump Properties: label Plabel Impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump description Pdescription The inquiry into the possible impeachment of Donald Trump alias Palias impeachment process of Donald Trump alias Palias impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump page Ppage Impeachment_inquiry_against_Donald_Trump 0 : 642 of q 22686 Donald Trump 580 start time v 1569283200 1479 has contributing factor q 68451938 Trump–Ukraine scandal 710 participant q 22686 Donald Trump 17 country q 30 United States of America 1269 facet of q 27809653 presidency of Donald Trump 828 has cause q 73010704 Trump–Zelensky July 25, 2019 phone call 18 image v House of Representatives Votes to Adopt the Articles of Impeachment Against Donald Trump.jpg 582 end time v 1576627200 1542 has effect q 79063280 Impeachment of Donald Trump