Analyzing 1987589 Generation Z Superclasses: 15925549 - cultural generation of western society 15925542 - cultural generation 15925718 - cultural community Subclasses: Instances: Properties: label Plabel Generation Z description Pdescription Cohort born after the Millennials alias Palias Digital Natives alias Palias iGeneration alias Palias Post-Millennials alias Palias Zoomers page Ppage Generation_Z 460 said to be the same as q 780705 digital native 155 follows q 277633 Generation Y 580 start time v 849312000 18 image v Young people texting on smartphones using thumbs.JPG 3417 Quora topic ID e Generation-Z 7033 Australian Educational Vocabulary ID e scot/12469 156 followed by q 65236320 Generation Alpha 582 end time v 1322611200 1889 different from q 28448286 Gen-Z