Analyzing 2485083 suicide methods Superclasses: Subclasses: 1095646 - Plunging fire 12410555 - shooting attack 1259359 - drive-by shooting 192832 - paintball 19689353 - suicide by pilot 206989 - shooting sport 21480300 - mass shooting 217108 - airsoft 2252077 - shooting 2406205 - shootout 42915628 - mass shooting in the United States 4443729 - 4560881 - gun violence in the United States 473853 - school shooting 5510053 - fusillade 5618454 - gun violence Instances: [133462]seppuku [175111]hanging [3503143]suicide by sharp instrument [6934936]multiple gunshot suicide [7883956]suicide by hanging [796006]suicide by jumping from height [846874]charcoal-burning suicide [10858954]assassination of Malcolm X [1538940]Lillehammer affair [192050]assassination of Archeduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria [22127143]2016 Charsadda attack [24661988]murder of Jo Cox [2915118]Mercaz HaRav massacre [3347903]assassination of Indira Gandhi [3882202]assassination of Anna Politkovskaya [6860084]Milltown Cemetery attack [70210494]2019 Halle synagogue shooting [84599740]Nakhon Ratchasima shootings [85636305]2020 Hanau shootings [16938335]2014 Isla Vista killings [3882212]murder of the Notorious B.I.G. [3882218]murder of Tupac Shakur [66938457]2019 West Texas shooting [19671417]Germanwings Flight 9525 [104588885]2020 Aden attacks [1153159]Dunblane school massacre [123069]Cumbria shootings [1567023]1993 shootings at CIA Headquarters [1781240]Greysteel massacre [18718876]Charlie Hebdo shooting [18748338]January 2015 Île-de-France attacks [188799]Virginia Tech shooting [19750438]Garissa University College attack [1975720]1999 Armenian parliament shooting [20154675]2015 Charleston, South Carolina shooting [202512]2012 Aurora shooting [20671234]2015 Chattanooga shootings [21479779]November 2015 Paris attacks [21516923]2015 Bamako hotel attack [21613643]2015 San Bernardino shooting [21931407]2016 Pathankot attack [22082207]2016 Ouagadougou attacks [22910769]2016 Kalamazoo shootings [23045756]2016 Grand-Bassam shootings [2357517]Port Arthur massacre [24561572]2016 Orlando nightclub shooting [25250323]2016 Gulshan, Dhaka attack [25631175]2016 shooting of Dallas police officers [25923010]2016 shooting of Baton Rouge police officers [25980145]2016 Munich shooting [2658753]Binghamton shootings [27000234]Cascade Mall shooting [2712908]Westroads Mall shooting [2756743]assassination of Anwar Sadat [28094271]2017 Istanbul nightclub attack [28133931]2017 Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting [28403236]University of Texas Tower Shooting [28549976]2017 Quebec City mosque shooting [2982599]1993 Long Island Rail Road shooting [30147595]2017 Tehran attacks [30278163]2017 Congressional baseball shooting [30646585]2017 Weis Markets shooting [39058130]Danzig Street shooting [4135498]Luby's massacre [41522095]2017 Las Vegas shooting [42530020]Burnette Chapel shooting [42725753]Sutherland Springs church shooting [473845]Columbine High School massacre [473880]Hungerford massacre [473896]San Ysidro McDonald's massacre [482635]Kent State shootings [48714898]Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting [5035895]Capitol Hill massacre [50842170]Carcassonne and Trèbes attack [5132233]Cleveland Elementary School shooting (Stockton) [51339458]YouTube headquarters shooting [52152689]Waffle House shooting [5353272]Elaine Race Riot [53725630]Santa Fe High School shooting [547328]Kingsmill massacre [55239340]Capital Gazette shooting [55723938]Danforth shooting [56256213]Jacksonville Landing shooting [57830735]Pittsburgh synagogue shooting [58345424]Thousand Oaks shooting [5875978]Hoddle Street massacre [59647120]2018 Strasbourg attack [60774860]Maidan Shar attack [61742015]2019 Aurora, Illinois shooting [62090804]2019 Utrecht shooting [63353827]Poway synagogue shooting [63590016]STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting [64112]Dawson College shooting [64214898]Virginia Beach shooting [65966131]Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting [7099791]Orangeburg massacre [714892]Bernhard Goetz [7270522]Queen Street massacre [75034713]Saugus High School shooting [757986]2011 Tucson shooting [78090929]Jersey City shooting [91129213]2020 Nova Scotia shooting [1018682]Blackwater Baghdad shootings [15041703]2013 United States Capitol shooting incident [17501769]shooting of Michael Brown [18575889]shooting of Tamir Rice [19776213]shooting of Walter Scott [20873020]murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward [21504580]shooting of Jeremy Mardis [23901175]2016 Pike County shootings [25529555]shooting of Alton Sterling [25630305]shooting of Philando Castile [25973156]Shooting of Charles Kinsey [26907992]murder of Seth Rich [26985383]shooting of Terence Crutcher [2978443]Northern Illinois University shooting [3777641]Miami Showband killings [40243889]shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith [4834644]BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant [50840284]Shooting of Stephon Clark [5221473]Danziger Bridge shootings [56062931]shooting of Markeis McGlockton [69410424]murder of Botham Jean [71046962]killing of Atatiana Jefferson [76342136]Shooting of Greg Gunn [7889599]1998 United States Capitol shooting [93439010]shooting of Ahmaud Arbery [95990339]shooting of James Scurlock [98605503]shooting of Jacob Blake [1347682]Gunfight at the O.K. Corral [14918135]Washington Navy Yard shooting [16211090]Newhall massacre [19896230]Miracle Valley shootout [19937003]2015 Waco shootout [20087305]2015 attack on Dallas police [22067779]2016 Jakarta attacks [4310978]2013 Southern California shootings [659385]North Hollywood shootout [941606]1986 FBI Miami shootout [6492157]Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre [66108236]2019 El Paso shooting [158102]Winnenden school shooting [18341089]Marysville Pilchuck High School shooting [21036673]Umpqua Community College shooting [22241734]La Loche shootings [2341831]Chardon High School shooting [3241047]Amish school shooting [473834]École Polytechnique massacre [473877]Erfurt massacre [57417004]Kerch Polytechnic College massacre [62055402]Suzano Massacre [906933]Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting [20857086]2015 Thalys train attack [21578719]2015 Colorado Springs shooting Properties: label Plabel 2015 Colorado Springs shooting description Pdescription mass shooting at a medical clinic in Colorado on November 27, 2015 page Ppage Colorado_Springs_Planned_Parenthood_shooting 710 participant q 21584805 Robert Lewis Dear 0 0 276 location q 49258 Colorado Springs 276 location q 2553262 Planned Parenthood 1120 number of deaths n 3 (1) 625 coordinate location v 38.880894;-104.848855 585 point in time v 1448582400 1339 number of injured n 9 (1) 17 country q 30 United States of America 242 locator map image v COMap-doton-ColoradoSprings.PNG 131 located in the administrative territorial entity q 1261 Colorado