Analyzing 865365 Jim Crow laws Superclasses: Subclasses: Instances: Properties: label Plabel Jim Crow laws description Pdescription state and local laws enforcing racial segregation in the Southern United States page Ppage Jim_Crow_laws 1001 applies to jurisdiction q 30 United States of America 3417 Quora topic ID e Jim-Crow-Laws 3827 JSTOR topic ID e jim-crow-laws 138 named after q 21261062 Jim Crow 1424 topic's main template q 25728740 Template:Jim Crow Era 580 start time v -3158438400 582 end time v 1575072000 17 country q 30 United States of America 18 image v JimCrowInDurhamNC.jpg 3712 objective of project or action q 59816 racial segregation 6366 Microsoft Academic ID e 2778903977